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sa·gac·i·ty - Wisdom, quickness, keenness of discernment, penetration with soundness of judgement.

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Our Vision

Physical Sagacity, LLCTM has the mission to transform the workflow of Physical Therapists through improvements in the healthcare technology and enhancement in the quality of educational resources. The ultimate goal is to create a better healthcare delivery system, while reducing the cost for patients and benefit administrators.

Developed by physical therapists, healthcare administrators, and software engineers, Physical SagacityTM aims to improve healthcare accountability and lower healthcare costs by taking advantage of available technology and economies of scale.

By utilizing scientifically peer reviewed resources with expert clinical experience, Physical SagacityTM has developed a home educational resource. As part of creative healthcare delivery systems across amazing technological platforms, Physical SagacityTM seeks to achieve improved healthcare of patients in need of rehabilitation.

Through this unique innovation, healthcare providers, systems and insurers are able to provide high-quality care at reduced costs.

For more information contact info@physicalsagacity.com

Physical SagacityMaximize visit efficiency, enhance communication, craft outcomes.

Better Health and Better Education

Often patients need a better reference than a printed handout. With our solution, you can manage care instantly. Your patients have access to skilled instructions anywhere, at any time. Physical Sagacity, it's fast, it gets your patients what they need, a future.

Save Time

Use our calculator to see how you save. Change your delivery. Improve patients' compliance. Save your time.


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More Information for Physical Therapists.

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Physical Sagacity, bring your physical therapist home.

Better Health

The road to recovery isn't always easy, and remembering your therapist's instructions while juggling work, kids, home, and life only makes it more difficult. With our solution, your therapist's instructions are available online, all the time. Physical Sagacity, it's your body's partner. Recovery just got easier!

Better Education

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and video is thousands of pictures. Your tailor-made exercise plan using thousands of videos, you do the math. Log-in to the ability to see your prescribed exercises and your therapists' instructions. Becoming educated just got a whole lot easier.


If your therapist is a participating member, you could be reaping these benefits today! Tell your therapist that you want to take a proactive step towards recovery by enrolling in this exciting new opportunity.

Empower yourself to be more productive and instructive by extending your expertise into your patients' homes.

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